Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tips to Avoid that "Drowning" Feeling

Being a freshmen in college, I always find myself "drowning" in my work load. With school work, actual work, tutoring and trying to keep up with friends, I find it hard to find time to even breathe (I should add that to my to do list). Here are a few things I do in order to try and keep my head above the water!

1. Lists, lists, lists!: This has to be one of the most important tips. Whenever I'm feeling too overwhelmed (which is more often then I'd like to admit) I always make a list. It makes me feel so much more organized when I have everything in order and laid out in front of me and I'm able to organize my thoughts and get to work!

2. Prioritize: Break things down into what has to be done first and what can wait for tomorrow. That way you will be able to get things done before they're due and not have to worry about finishing assignments/dead lines at the last minute!

3. Take A Deep Breath: No matter what I'm stressed about I always look back and remember that everything always gets done! Every time I had a due date for work or school I always got it done even if it was just in time. Basically what I'm saying is, it'll get done! Stop will get it done!

4. Ask For Help: People may not be able to do your work for you but it's amazing how helpful it is to talk about your work load. Being able to talk about everything you have going on, makes the stress so much easier to handle. Plus, they'll be able to calm you down, which is crucial.

5. Keep A Calendar: It's so important to keep a record of all of the important things that have happened and all of the events and due dates you have coming up! If you have a calendar with everything written in, there will be no surprises which can keep the stress down without a doubt!

6. Me time: This one is sooooo super important! If all you think about all of the time is the things you have to get done, you'll break down. Every once and a while you must take time for yourself by reading a book (for enjoyment), watching a movie or even taking a nap! It'll allow you to clear your mind and you'll be able to start fresh again!

Next time you're in over your head, trying using some of these tips!

What do you find helps when you're stressed?

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