Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Number 18: Gavin DeGraw

One of my absolute favorite things to do is go to concerts! My goal is to get to twenty concerts before I turn 20! I think I have a pretty good chance, I just went to my 18th, I have my 19th planned and I still have two years until I'm 20! Anyway, the most recent concert I went to was Gavin DeGraw. He was amazing. Like jaw dropping amazing.

I love pretty much every single one of his songs. His voice is just mesmerizing and he isn't to hard on the eyes either *insert blushing emoji here*. I enjoy his musk so much because he is able to tell a story through a song and by the way he sings the song. I was curious to see if he would be able to pull that off while trying to still entertain an audience. Boy was he! He was up on that stage dancing and singing his heart out, it was amazing.

Another thing I loved about him was the incredible range his voice has. While listening to the CD he obviously sang perfectly, everyone does. I was interested to see how well he would be able to hit the high notes while jumping around the stage. Every single note was spot on. I was actually in shock. I had to record certain songs because I couldn't believe what was going on in front of me.

This concert was definitely in the top five best concerts I have been to. I had such a great night!

Do you enjoy concerts? Which is the best one you've been too?

Ipsy Bag: December

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, time has gotten away from me! I recently started a new job and had my first ever finals week in college. You could say that I have been sort of busy! But, now I'm back and totally ready to brag about the amazing new Ipsy bag I received this month! One of my friends recently signed up for Ipsy and received her first bag this month, she loved it! If you haven't signed up yet, I really don't know what you're waiting for! Here's what I got this month!

1. NYX Lip Butter (Red Velvet)- This lip butter was definitely made just for me. I love lip butter and red velvet is pretty much my most favorite thing ever! (I'm eating a slice of red velvet cheese cake as I write this post) It goes on so smoothly and really hydrates my lips!

2. Pixi liquid eye shadow- The color is sort of like a bronzish gold color! I haven't tried it yet and I'm a little worried too. It seems very liquidy and I'm not too sure how I am going to like having that on my eye lids. I'll have to try it out soon!

3. BWC Facial Cleanser- I havent had the opportunity to use this product yet either. I have suuuuper sensitive skin and this cleanser is supposed to be perfect for that. I looked online and the cleanser got amazing reviews. I'm very excited to try this and see how it works

4. Make-up brush- There's actually no name anywhere on the brush or the packaging that it came in. I can tell you that I absolutely adore this brush! It's so soft and applies the makeup perfectly. I'll have to look on the website and see who distributes the brush. Even if you don't receive and Ipsy bag each month, you can visit the website and see what is given out each month!

5. Tarte: Lights Camera Lashes Mascara: Love love love love love. I don't really know what else to say! It's great!

Do you receive and Ipsy bag each month? What did you get?!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Be Your Own Superhero

Sometimes the most comforting feeling is that of feeling like someone has "saved" you. They may not have physically saved you but they could have done or said something that had gotten you out of a dark place or has just helped you to smile. Although this is one of the best feelings, it's pretty much the worst feeling when it seems like nobody is really paying enough attention to realize that you need to be helped.

In order to avoid the feeling that nobody has come to save you, save yourself from the lonely place you may be in! I guarantee you that it will be ten times more rewarding when you pull yourself out of that dark place rather than sitting around and waiting for someone else to notice.

Once you learn how to pick yourself back up you will be so much stronger than when you were knocked down. You learned how to figure out what was wrong, change it. Then, next time you find yourself knocked down you will have no problem picking yourself back up because you have been there before and know how to save yourself.

Try not to rely on other people because there is no guarantee that they will always be there for you.

Next time you're feeling down, I challenge you to take action and fix your situation. Do something that will make you happy again.

Have you ever had to pick yourself up after being knocked down? It's not easy to do, but it's worth it.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Keep Moving Forward

Whenever tragedy strikes, I'm never really sure how I'm supposed to handle myself, the situation or the people around me. There's no rule book on dealing with loss and apparently everyone does it differently, so, how am I supposed to know what to do? Here is a quote I found that cleared a few things up for me.

Cry because you're hurt, but keep moving forward.

Everyone faces a time in their life when they're pretty much at their breaking point. The point where they're just about ready to throw in the towel and walk away. It's okay to grieve in that moment, cry because you're hurt, cry because you're sad, cry because you're lonely. But once you're done, you can't forget the most important step, you have to keep moving forward!

I am by no means saying move on and get over it. I find that its impossible to move on from certain things, but, that doesn't mean we can't try and still live life to the fullest and try to find the good things in life that are still happening around you. I always say that it's the little things in life that count. This couldn't be more true after you have suffered some sort of loss, hurt or sadness. Yes, you're in pain, yes things may never be the same, but it can't hurt to try and move forward!

I challenge you to try and push through whatever you may be suffering through. I know its not easy, but things will get better, they have to. Try to appreciate the little things  and eventually life may sort itself out. 

Tuesday's Top 5: Horror Movies

I know they're not the most popular type of movie but I have to say, they are one of my favorites! I have seen plenty of scary movies and have stayed up till all hours of the night terrified from what I remembered in the movie, but I still love going to them! I just love the suspense. Plus, they're so fun to see with a huge group of friends because then everyone gets scared and its hilarious! Here are my top five favorite scary movie!

1. The Conjuring: AMAZING! This movie was sooooo scary I still have nightmares about it sometimes! I think I loved it so much because it wasn't just all about guts and people being chased by chain saws. There was an actual story line throughout the film that kept the audience on the edge of their seat!

2. Annabelle: It's a sequel to The Conjuring but the story line is supposed to come before the story seen in The Conjuring. Another awesome story line that kept the audience on the edge of their seat. I saw this movie with a bunch of my friends and it was the funniest thing! Not the movie, but everyone's reaction!

3. Silence Of The Lambs: O.M.G. I honestly don't even know what to say about this movie. It's not so much scary just suspenseful and twisted! Keeps the audience thinking the whole time and wondering what the main character could be up to next, definitely a classic!

4. Amityville Horror: Another classic! This one is particularly scary because it is based on a true story! It makes the movie so much scarier because its based on true stories and the things i nthe movie actually happened to the family represented in the movie! SO scary.

5. The Shining: Another classic! This one is especially scary because it takes place in this abandoned hotel and the son has a power where is able to see everything that has happened in the hotel, all of the terrible things that have happened there. It's crazy!

Do you have any favorite horror movies?

Sunday, December 7, 2014

How To Beat Those Finals Blues

As a first time college student, finals have pretty much blown me away! I had always heard from my older friends that finals week was rough, but I never could've imagined that it would be this difficult. I don't think it's the actual tests or papers that worry me, but the week leading up to all of this stuff is what really stresses me out! Here are some things I have been doing that have been helping me get through these few weeks.

1. Baby Steps: I'm in a communications class and my final is a four to five minute speech...I have been dreading it since the first day. My teacher finally gave us the assignment and boy was it overwhelming! I decided to break it up into a few steps and set myself mini due dates! I couldn't believe how helpful it was. I was able to finish my project and now I'm all ready for my speech, with plenty of time to practice!

2. Plan Ahead: I just started a new job, the week before finals...I couldn't even tell you how much that stressed me out! I am supposed to be studying and focusing on my classes but instead I have to go to work every night. Since I knew that this was coming, I decided to try and get as much work done as possible for my finals before work started. Since I did that, I have more time to focus on the new things that come up with school.

3. Utilize Your Time: With my schedule this semester I have big gaps of time between classes. Whenever I have this time between classes or time between school and work, I am sure to use it to get work done for school! Then, while I'm at work, I don't have to constantly be stressing about all the work I have to get done when I get home.

4. Take A Deep Breath: I know finals are a huge deal but you have to remember to live a little and rest. If you're up until all hours of the night studying and writing papers, chances are that you're grades aren't going to be as good as they could be! Everybody needs a little time for themselves, don't forget to take time to relax.

How do you make it through finals week?

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ulta Mini Haul

A new Ulta recently opened up in the mall by my house! I had never been in one before but I was so excited to try it. I had been inside a few times just with friends or to pick up a gift, I had never had the opportunity to look around and shop for myself. On Black Friday we stopped at Ulta and I had time to shop. I have to say, I love what I found!

1. Not Your Mother's:Kontty To Nice Conditioning Detangler- I have never needed detangler before because my hair had always been short, but now that its longer, detangler is a must! I've heard of the brand from my friends and I knew they had loved it, so I figured I would give it a shot. I have used it twice and I love it! You do have to spray a lot on your hair but it does work really well! 

2. Not Your Mother's: Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray- Another thing I had heard that my friends loved! I haven't had the chance to try it yet, but I'm very excited to see how it works! 

3. NYX: Tea Rose: Again, I had never used colored lipstick before. One of my friends had recently gotten me hooked on it! So, I figured since I was at Ulta, I should pick up a new color! I'm more into the darker colors because I think they work for me, I also love Matte colors. This one is dark and shiny but I actually really like it! I'll definitely be sung NYX more often. 

4. Tree Hut: Shea Sugar Scrub Pomegranate Açaí- I have this same sugar scrub in another scent and I absolutely love it! After I had really bad sun burn last summer, my aunt gave me this exfoliant to help remove the dead skin and it was absolutely amazing. Now I use it only twice a week and it makes me feel refreshed! I wouldn't recommend using it more than that.

Do you have any fun buys from a beauty supplies store? 

Song Lyrics-Hunter Hayes

I remember when I was in elementary and middle school and I would always run to my mom crying because some girls were being mean to me. I thought it was the end of the world, but, my mom would always remind me that tomorrow is a new day and that they say won't matter tomorrow. I found this so hard to believe at my young age and never thought she understood; moms don't get bullied!

I recently became obsessed with Hunter Hayes, his songs are so fun, yet packed with so much meaning! My favorite right now is Invisible. He sings about how sometimes people feel lost in the crowd and invisible to everyone else and then continues to say how thats not the case, and that there are so many people surrounding you that love you.

"Trust the one, who's been where you are wishing all it was, was sticks and stones. Those words cut deep but they don't mean you're all alone and you're not invisible."

After hearing these lyrics I quickly remembered all of those times I would go to my mom for help and feel like she didn't understand. Now I am able to realize that she really had known what I was going through all along! She was once my age, going through the same things I am going through, and I was just too young to see that. 

We're so blessed to be surrounded by people who love and want to help us, it's sad to think that sometimes we dismiss their advice simply because we feel like they could never imagine what we're going through. Now I know that people may have gone through the same struggles I have had, and all they want to do is help!

Have you been helped by someone or tried helping someone but felt that you they just weren't understanding? 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"I'm Fine"

Sometimes I think I can be read like a book. Then there are other times when I put up a wall and don't allow anyone to notice that I am destroyed on the inside. This seems to be a common problem in teens today, and especially girls. Why do we find it so difficult to just let someone in and tell them how we are feeling? I feel like life might be so much easier to get through if we were able to let other people in and share our feelings. 

Whenever someone rarely does see behind my wall and ask me what is wrong I always answer with the typical response of "I'm fine" which is obviously a complete and total lie! I believe one of the reasons we put up those walls is to see who would be able to see past that wall and help you breakthrough whatever is holding you back; we just want to know who is truly there for us and willing to take the time to show they care for us.

Finding that person may take a lifetime and that person may not stay that person throughout your whole life. Someone I greatly admire once told me that the relationships you have with each person throughout your life can be viewed as chapters; similar to those in a book. Who ever is able to see through your cover at that time in your life, you may be in their chapter of your life. Chances are you spend most of your time with them and because of that, they know how you act, the things that bother you and how things affect you. 

Have you been lucky enough to find that person? I really hope so.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Song Lyrics-Carrie Underwood

One of the many concerts I have been to is Carrie Underwood. She is so talented and incredible live. I love all of her music because of the lyrics and the way she is able to tell a story and how you can feel her emotions just through her singing. One of my favorite songs by her is called "See You Again". I'm pretty sure that it is about a break up but I find that it is also relatable to a loss that people might have suffered.

"I know I'll never be lonely, for you are the stars to me."

These lyrics are my absolute favorite! After my friend passed away I was looking for something that would remind me of him every time I saw it, heard it or felt it. That's when I found this song, all of the lyrics are absolutely perfect.

Even though Carrie Underwood may have intended to make the song about a break up, I find it very comforting when reminiscing on ones we have lost. Everyone always says that they are looking down on us and keeping us safe, we just can't see them! Sometimes I find it hard to believe, but when this song comes on out of nowhere or when I look up at the stars and feel instantly safe, I know that he really is looking down at me! 

Next time you look up at the stars, try and remember that there is always someone looking down over you, keeping you safe!

Do you have any lyrics that bring back a memory of someone? 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ipsy Bag: November

This. Bag. Is. Amazing! I got my bag a few days after everyone else but it was totally worth the wait! My favorite part of Ipsy is that everyone gets different products in our bags! Three of my friends also get the Ipsy bag; some of the products we got were similar but there were also different things. We took a survey before our first bag and thats how they know what we would use. Here's what I got this month!

1. Be Delectable-Lemon and Cream: This hand cream smells amazingggg! I absolutely love it. It's definitely lemony but it's not too over bearing. The best part is that you only have to use a little dot of the cream so it will last a while. My hands feel so soft! I'll definitely be getting this again/ 

2. J. Cat-Wonder Lip Paint: The color of this paint is awesome! Perfect for the winter, I think it's like a lip stain, which is so cool. I can't wait to use this one especially because of my new love for bright lipsticks! 

3. ClariSEA-Sea Salt Solutions: I haven't had the chance to try this out yet but it looks like its going to be really cool! It's an exfoliant that you can either mix with your favorite face wash or even just with water. Really hoping this one is going to be a keeper! 

4. TEMPTU-Highlighter: I've never used a highlighter and I don't really know how, but I'm super excited to learn! This color is pink pearl. I'll write a follow up for some of these products!

5. Star Looks Eye Pencil-Ultra Olive: When I'm doing my makeup I always use black eyeliner, but, now that I have this new olive color I'm definitely going to try using different colors! The olive color is beautiful! It's sparkly, which I love and goes on so easy! 

Be sure to check out last months Ipsy bag post and keep checking back for next months! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday's Top Five: Reads For The Non-Reader

I'll admit, I'm reaaaally not into reading! Especially if it's a book for. But, although I don't like to read, their have been a few books that I had loved. Usually, the things I like t read are recommended to me by other people or aren't books. SO, if you're not the biggest fan of reading, or even if you love it, here are five things that you will love to read!

1. To Kill A Mockingbird: This is one book I read for school and I have to admit that I really loved it. The story was great and the characters were so interesting to read about. It will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. For an older book, the meaning is definitely still relevant!

2. The Huger Games (all): These books are huge for a reason, they're soooo good! I normally hate when books or people become instantly famous because then chances are they're not that good or interesting. But, after some time I decided to give these books a shot and I didn't regret it! They kept me hooked through every book!

3. Magazines: They may be a little annoying because you have to rummage through the pages in order to find an article you find interesting, but it's totally worth it! I love magazines, especially those you can get every month. It seems like every month there are articles with similar topics around the same spot as the previous month which makes it so easy to find an article I'll enjoy!

4. Buzz Feed: Buzz Feed is an app that you can get on your phone and it has all fun and silly articles that can grab anyone's attention! I recently read an article titled "49 Thoughts Everyone Has At Chipotle" The article was absolutely hilarious and so accurate. I love finding silly things like that on Buzz Feed!

5. BLOGS!: If you're reading this, obviously you love blogs! Who wouldn't?! They're so real, fun and short enough to keep your interest! Plus, they're also super fun to write ;)

Have any great things to read?

Monday, November 17, 2014


One of my favorite things to do is look back on all of the amazing memories that I have. Sometimes I remember things that had happened in my past that I didn't realize I had forgotten and they instantly put a smile on my face! It could be a family member talking about a memory, a certain smell, a sound or even a thought that triggers the memory.

Before my Poppop had passed away, every time I hugged him goodbye I would always try and remember what his cologne had smelt like so I could remember him through his scent if something ever did happen to him. Now that he has passed on, I am so grateful I remembered his smell because whenever I am sad or scared, I always can smell his cologne even if there is nobody around. Just the thought of his smell brings me back to those times when he hugged me and I can still remember what it feels like to have his arms around me again.

Another way memories are triggered for me is through music. Whenever I watch an older movie and hear songs that were popular at the time, it can trigger so many memories! Whether its the memory of the first time you heard the song or the one time you blasted the song in your car and screamed the lyrics at the top of your lungs with your best friend. Recently, my friend Matt and I went to McDonald's one night and he showed me a couple of songs and I loved them, now when I hear them, I think about that night and how much fun we had!

What is something that triggers memories for you?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Song Lyrics-Ed Sheeran

Everybody knows Ed Sheeran, I love a lot of his songs but I had never heard of the song U.N.I. While at my friends house one day we were listening to music and this song came on. I loved it and one line in particular stuck in my mind: "Pain is only relevant if it still hurts". Anybody can relate to this lyric because everyone feels pain; whether its physical or emotional.

When Sheeran sings he is able to paint a picture in the listeners mind of what he is going through in his relationships and just in his life in general. I know we don't all live the life of a famous pop musician but we still find our own ways to relate to the experiences he writes about. 

With this particular line I think that Ed Sheeran is trying to tell his listeners that if you push away the things that have given you pain in the past, it will no longer be relevant and won't bother you. Although it is very difficult to forget the things that cause you so much pain, it will benefit you in the long run.

If you can't forget about the things that cause you pain, try and fix them. It is very difficult to do but you will be a much happier person once you learn to forgive and forget! 

Next time you're dwelling on something that has caused you pain in the past, try and move on, there is no point in dwelling on something that had caused you pain in the past. It's over and irrelevant, move on and be happy! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Dress For Success

Every morning I wake up and the first thing I turn to for clothes for the day are my favorite sweats and a sweatshirt. If that's not the first option that pops into your head, you're lying! If I could go to school everyday dressed like a bum, I totally would. But, chances are I wouldn't have many friends and I wouldn't be doing that well in any of my classes! Believe it or not, scientists have proven that if students dressed nicer for school their grades would be higher, simply because they will pay more attention in class. If I worse sweatpants and a sweatshirt to class everyday I would probably fall asleep half of the time! Here are a few tips to help you "dress for success"!

1. Get Ahead Of The Game: Lay out your clothes the night before school! If you do this then you won't have to worry about trying on three different outfits after staring at your closet for fifteen minutes. It will be a huge time saver! Also, decide what you will be doing with your hair and makeup the night before and lay out only the products you will need for the next morning.

2. Mix & Match: Nobody has enough money or clothes to wear a different outfit every single day. Try mixing things up, try wearing your favorite shirt under a cool jacket and add a necklace! You may have worn the necklace, jacket and shirt before but they will look so great if they're all put together!

3. GET UP!: The hardest part of any morning is waking up and actually getting out of bed! If you need to get up by 7, set your alarm for 6:45 so you will have time to wake up and check every social media site you want (we know we're all guilty of this!). If you wake up fifteen minutes earlier and give yourself the time you need to lay in your bed, you'll actually get up when you need to! Bye bye rushing!

Not only will dressing nice help your grades it will also help your self esteem and confidence! Wear an awesome outfit everyday and walk around school like you know that you're beautiful! Have any tips about dressing for success?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Say What's On Your Mind

It is wayy easier said then done but nothing will ever be resolved if you can't say whats on your mind! There have been a crazy number of events where I missed my opportunity to say what was on my mind and I always regret it! Within the past year or so I realized that if I didn't speak my mind I would be miserable, which I had been for some time! Here are some tips that can help you speak your mind and get your point across.

1. Be Honest: It is okay to have different views or beliefs that are different than other people! Along with that its okay that you voice those differences and opinions! If you do voice your opinion and you get negative feedback, you're not wrong, you're just being misunderstood. Try explaining your thoughts in a way everyone can understand!

2. See Others Points Of View: You may be very strong in your opinions and I guarantee you that everyone else is as well. Because of that you have to keep their opinions in mind and try not to be defensive. You have to be understanding to other people's views and they when they see you trying to be understanding, they will be too!

3. Don't Be Afraid To Say What You Want: Whenever my brother and I would stay at our aunts house she would always give us choices of what we could do and we would always say we would do anything! She would always get frustrated because we couldn't make decisions on our own! I realized it was because we were afraid of disagreeing with the other person. If we both were able to voice or opinions, whether they were the same or different, we could've come up with a solution and both would've been happy! Such an important lesson.

Next time you're asked your opinion on a topic or idea, I challenge you to say what's on your mind! 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy Mind, Happy Heart

Whenever I'm driving and someone cuts me off or doesn't let me into their lane, I always find myself getting mad and upset with the person, which isn't really fair to them! A couple of months ago this scenario was discussed in one of my classes. Most people had the same opinion, that it was okay to get made because the other driver had done something to you that was wrong and you have a right to be mad. Then, the teacher gave us his point of view on the topic.

He started off by asking a simple series of questions: "Why do you think that other driver cut you off? Did they do it just because they felt like they should ruin your day? Will you ever really know why they cut you off? Do you really care anymore?" These questions really got everyone thinking. I know that I have been cut off before while driving but do I really remember the specific days and places that it had happened? No!

I might have been having a bad day that day, but I would have no way of knowing what the other person could've been going through on that day! Maybe they were speeding and cutting people off because they had to make it to the hospital to vista their sick parent before it was too late? Or, their child was sick at school and had to rush to pick them up! You really never know!

After my mind was opened to these possibilities I quickly realized that I really didn't have a right to get mad at this person, they didn't hurt me in anyway and their day could be soooo much worse than mine! If you let these little things ruin your day you will never truly be happy, let it roll of your shoulder and move on!

Next time someone does something to upset you I challenge you to try and think about the possibilities of why they are doing this to you and try to give them forgiveness!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday's Top 5: Healthy Snacks

One of the big issues in the United States is obesity and trying to get people to eat healthy and be fit. I know this is a lot easier said than done but changing one unhealthy snack a day for a healthier one can make a difference! That is why this Tuesday's top five is healthy snacks!

1. Fruits- This one seems kind of obvious and honestly it's not one of my favorite foods. Whenever I am hungry I crave something salty and crunchy (obviously nothing in the fruit category) but, after dinner when I want something sweet, grapes are always the fruit I turn too! They're so sweet and I love the little snap after you bite into one.

2. Veggies- Like I said before, I usually crave something salty with a little crunch most of the time. It's okay to have the unhealthy stuff every once and a while but if it wasn't one of those days I would go for raw baby carrots with ranch dressing...so good!

3. Nuts- There are so many different kinds of nuts, I'm sure if you tried a couple of different kinds you would surely find one that you liked! These go really well in trail mixes with dried fruit and a little bit of chocolate...yum!

4. Popcorn- This is my most favorite snack! Obviously when I say popcorn I don't mean the stuff you get at the movie drenched in butter and salt, although that stuff is amazing. Try the 100 calorie mini popcorn bags, they're a small amount of calories and they'll be just enough to hold you over until your next meal!

5. Smoothie- Not a fan of raw fruits and vegetables? Try making a smoothie with a couple of fruits or vegetables in it, you will enjoy them way more and will have more of your daily servings of fruits and vegetables in a shorter amount of time!

Do you have any healthy snack ideas?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Oh Honey and American Authors

At the beginning of the summer, one of my closest friends and I went to the coolest concert ever! The venue was absolutely amazing...and the bands were pretty great too! We went to the concert so we could see The Fray but ended up loooooving the opening band, Oh Honey! They were so fun and their music was awesome!

A few months later, while we were on vacation, we saw that Oh Honey would being going on tour again, but this time, with American Authors. We didn't know many songs by American Authors but once we got their CD we were instantly hooked! We were so excited to go to the concert and we were even supposed to meet Oh Honey!! But, we didn't realize till it was too late that the time was changed!

We were so bummed but we were still so excited to see them perform! They were the first band to perform and ket me tell you, it was AWESOME! They were so great, even better than the first time! I can't wait to see them again in the future!

As I had said before, we didn't really know of American Authors until we got the tickets and the CD. Let me just tell you that they pretty much blew our minds. Their performance was absolutely amazing and I couldn't believe how crazy good the lead singer was (he was pretty cute too), he deserves an award or something.

I definitely recommend looking up Oh Honey and American Authors, two amazing bands! I hope you enjoy :)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Song Lyrics- Andy Grammer

Another Saturday, another song lyric! Today's lyrics are from an awesome song called "Keep You're Head Up" by Andy Grammer! Throughout the whole song he sings about how in hard times all you can do is keep your head up and live on! Which is one of my absolute favorite messages that I try to share with everyone around me.

Although the entire song is really great, I lovee these lyrics in particular because of their specific meaning "There's only rainbows after rain, the sun will always come again" In just eleven words he is able to sum up two super important messages!

The first being that if you want something amazing you're going to have to put up with the obstacles that come along with it. But, because you were able to push through those obstacles, the result will be that much more rewarding!

The second message is that no matter how terrible your day, week or month is going, tomorrow is another day! Just because something may be going wrong in your life, tomorrow is a brand new day and a brand new start, don't waste that gift dragging yourself around because of the things that hurt you the day before.

Know of any great song lyrics? I'm always looking for new ones!

Song Lyrics-Fall Out Boy

One of my favorite things to do is listen to music. But, I don't listen to just any type of music. When I listen I need lyrics that can really relate to my life and move me. Depending on whatever mood I'm in I know exactly what song to go to. This is why I'm going to try and fit these song lyrics into my blog! Incorporate my two favorite things into one! So, that's why I'll be adding a new weekly post to my blog, all about my favorite song lyrics and what they mean to me!

This weeks song lyric is from one of my absolute favorite bands, Fall Out Boy: "I don't just want to be a footnote in someone else's happiness." taken from the song "A Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet." Fall Out Boy is known for their song titles that make almost no sense when put into context with the song. I never knew what the lyrics to this song were until I really listened to them. After I heard these particular lyrics more clearly, it occurred to me how true they really are!

Everyone's goal in life is to be happy and be surrounded by people who are also happy! Obviously, easier said than done. One of my biggest worries is that I will spend all of my time trying to make the people around me happy and I'll forget to do things that make me happy. Then, I worry that if I am able to make someone happy they won't appreciate it because they automatically expect that from me.  That's where the lyrics come into play!

I'm constantly worried about making other people happy and trying to be remembered for doing it when I should just be grateful simply because I am able to help someone else find happiness. Yes, being a mere "footnote" in someone else's happiness can be a little rough at time but think about it. When you see a footnote on a paper or in a book you always look down and read what has to be said, it's almost an addition to the content already on the page. If I was lucky to be able to leave even the smallest impression on someone's life and they chose to keep that memory in the story that is their life, I have done something remarkable.

Have a favorite song or song lyric with a meaning? I'd love to hear it!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mason Jars!

Everybody loves a good Mason Jar! Recently my best friend left for college and I had a couple Mason Jars just collecting dust in my room so I decided to make her a gift for her dorm room. They were super easy to make! I just used regular paint you would use to paint ceramics and painted the jar!

We did the white layer first, covering the entire jar. Then, on each one we put stripes in three different colors on each jar, just making them look a little more fun! She now uses them to hold pens, pencils and pretty much anything they can hold!

I'm currently re-doing my room and I had to figure out a way to paint the endues of the walls without having to keep getting off and on the ladder to get paint for my brush! You guessed it, I used a Mason Jar! It was so perfect! They are so easy to carry and fit right in my hand. They also held enough paint that I only had to refill the jar once while painting my entire room! BONUS: the paint stained the inside of the jar so now I have a Mason Jar already decorated to use as decoration for my room! I can't wait to put stuff in it!

Have any fun Mason Jar ideas? Please share!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's The Little Things

I always say that I want one day that stands out from all of the rest simply because it was amazing. It sounds crazy but I really think about that all of the time. But then today I realized that it really is the little things that matter! I had a presentation in my english class this morning, I worked so hard on my project and I was a little nervous. After I finished I was so relieved and everyone clapped (they had to do that) as I walked back to my seat and the next girl went up to present her project.

On my way out of class a girl stopped to tell me how great she thought my presentation was. I was honestly shocked! The fact that she took two seconds out of her day to compliment my work meant the world to me! I was so happy the whole rest of the day! Her small act of kindness may not have made today the best day ever but it made it so much brighter and I am so grateful!

This past year most of my closest friends had went away to school and I chose to stay home for a few more years. It has honestly been a struggle because I feel like I have lost contact with some of them. Today, one of them reached out to me and just sent me a simple text. That's all I have wanted out of them since they had left! Just a little message saying they missed me and today I had received that! That text made today so much better also!

Whenever you get the chance to make someone's day just a little happier don't hesitate! You never know when someone's in the need for a little pick-me-up!

I'm Still Here

Two years ago I lost someone that meant an awful lot to me. Nobody had a chance to say goodbye to him which made the loss that much more difficult. After he passed we were all searching for letters he may have left or signs that he was still here with us in spirit. After months and months of searching nothing was found, everyone was heart broken. 

When my friend was younger he would run to the bus stop with his mom standing on the porch yelling "I love you!" as he ran to the bus. After a few years, instead of embarrassing him and yelling how she loved him, she would send him the same message only using her hand. While bending down her middle and ring fingers and keeping the other three up right, she told her son how much she loved him.  

After a long day at work I was asked to stay fifteen more minutes because someone was running late, I needed the money so I stayed the extra fifteen minutes. Right before I went to punch out I saw something that honestly took my breath away. I saw a glove right in the middle of the floor with it's ring and middle finger folded under, with the other three straight up. I couldn't believe what was laying right in front of me, I knew it was my friend and I was instantly comforted.

A few hours later I had received the devastating news that my grandfather had passed away. Looking back on it now I feel like it was a sign that everything was going to be okay and that my friend and my grandfather were together, at peace and looking over me.

Have you ever encountered an event like this one? I love stories like this, feel free to share! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday's Top 5: Fall Nail Polish Colors

There are so many reasons to love fall, the leaves changing, sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, but my favorite thing about fall is the colors! I love walking around town and admiring all of the colors that the leaves have to offer this time of year. That is why this Tuesday's top 5 is all about fall nail polish colors! There's nothing like a good manicure anytime of the year but there is just something about fall colors that make me feel safe and cozy!

1. Pepper (Zoya)- This is considered your classic red color. Perfect for any occasion and goes with absolutely everything. You can never go wrong with any shade of red, but for fall, the darker reds are where it's at!

2. Fall In Line (Essie)- Essie is definitely my favorite nail polis brand. They are a little pricey but it's totally worth it. I am absolutely obsessed with this color, it's not the first color you think of when you think of fall but it can't hurt to shake things up a little, make a statement!

3. Nocturne (JINsoon Tess Giberson Collection)- Not your typical red, brown or orange fall color but it definitely falls under the fall category. It's a dark grey color, there's something about these darker colors that I absolutely love and fall is the perfect time to start using them again! 

4. Impossibly Plush (CND Vinylux)- Pink is always in style, the shade of pink you use depends on the season! For summer and spring you want a hot pink or a light pink in order to make you look more tan. In the fall you want more of a dull, grayish pink because of the colder weather and the colors present around you. That's what makes this color so great. 

5. Rich Chocolate (OPI)- Another one of my absolute favorite nail polish brands but also a little pricey. This color is a definite go-to fall color! For fall the burnt shades, like this one, are a staple, when in doubt, look for any type of burnt red or orange ad you'll be set!

Have a fall favorite nail polish color? I would love to try new colors this season! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Stuck In Neutral

Sometimes I find myself going through life stuck in neutral! Meaning, nothing exciting has happened, I haven't met anyone new, life is just "normal". Most of the time normal is considered great but other times its easy to get stuck in the routine of normal- easy to get caught up in the routine you have every day or week and not make time for new and exciting things that you will remember when you're older!

One of my biggest goals for senior year was to be able to make memories with my friends that I would be able to remember for a life time. I wanted to be able to look back in twenty years and be able to tell my kids all of the amazing things I had done during high school. I am so happy to say that I most definitely have those memories that I wanted to badly. I found that for some of high school I was going with the flow and stuck in neutral, so, I decided to change the way I was doing things and go out of my way to try and make memories that I could never forget.

I found that in order to have the opportunities to create memories you have to take the initiative to plan the things you want to happen. If you don't take initiative then things will never happen the way you want them to. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, make plans with friends in order to get out of that place you're in, you will be so much happier because of it!

It took me many years and many tears to realize that things don't just happen for people; you have to put in the effort and time in order to make your life fun and exciting! Trust me, it will definitely be worth it!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

I Believe We'll Be Okay

There are things that go on in the world around us that cause us to lose faith in the people that share the world with us. For example, terrorist attacks, school shootings, and really, any form of violence. When these things happen there is almost a numbness that comes over the victims and those closest to them and it can hang around for as long as you allow it to. That's when we have to learn how to accept the awful things that happen in the world and try to live life despite these things.

I know it is easier said than done but when tragedy strikes we have to try and remember the fun and beautiful things that surround us. Whether it's the memories of the ones we have lost or even the fact that you have become so much stronger as an individual because of what you have suffered through, you are stronger.

People forget how amazing life can be. Whenever I hear people say that they have nothing to live for or there's no reason to go on I can't help but wonder if they realize that being alive another day  should be enough of a miracle to keep moving on.

When in doubt remember that every day is a gift and should be cherished!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Costumes of Halloween's Past

I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween. I do love scary movies and haunted houses and candy and dressing up...okay, maybe I like it a little bit. But that's not the point, my favorite part is the dressing up! My best friend and I used to get together every Halloween and come up with some pretty awesome costumes, I wish I had pictures of them! I do have to say, my mom did a pretty good job at picking out costumes for me!

First Halloween: Angel! Sort of typical, but so cute!

Third Halloween: Jester! I think this one is my favorite, I wish I still had that costume! I told you I loved my candy!

Fifth Halloween: The only thing I can not stand about Halloween is clowns, and here's a picture of me as a kid dressed up as a clown! 

Seventh Halloween: I'm honestly not sure what this is. Fairy witch princess? Seriously, no idea, but I can tell you I probably thought that I was hot stuff. So embarrassing!

Since I'm older I wait till the last minute for costumes so I just throw some paint on card board and come up with something! Any fun ideas for Halloween costumes? 

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Value Of A Moment

When I look back on the things that have happened in the past there are plenty of moments I would do pretty much anything to go back too, even if it was only for a single second. Whether it be a moment with someone who has passed on, a conversation with a friend that you just wish you could do over or a memory that gives you the biggest smile when you think about it.

There are many reasons why I would want to go back in time and re-live certain things, one reason would be to change something that had happened. I am strong believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason and that there is a plan for all of us. But, if I had the opportunity I might consider going back and changing something. There isn't anything I wouldn't do if I could have another chance to avoid a fight I might've had with one of my friends or family or have the opportunity to let the ones I love know how much they are loved before it was too late.

Another reason I would love to go back and re-live a certain moment would be because I was simply so happy at that time. There are plenty of memories I have with my friends and family that I am so grateful for. My favorite memory with my family was when my whole family was at my grandparents house and we were all hanging out in the den. Then, out of nowhere my grandparents come running in with silly string and start spraying everyone with it! It turned into a crazy fun silly string fight. we all laughed until we cried! I would most definitely go back to that time and just soak in all of the happiness that surrounded me!

For my senior year, my whole grade got shirts that said "Seniors 2014" on the front, and on the back was a quote. "Sometimes, you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory." When I first got the shirt, I thought the quote was just another sappy quote on a shirt that I would never wear. Now, looking back on high school and my senior year, I couldn't agree more with the quote! Maybe if I was able to go back in time and re-live those times I wouldn't appreciate them as much because I would still be living in them and not appreciating them.

Have a favorite moment? One you would do anything to go back too? Would you go back? I'd love to hear your opinion!

In Love With Being Alone

Don't get me wrong, I truly love being surrounded by friends and family but after a long day, there is nothing better than a little "me time". My favorite time of the day is when I'm finally all by myself in my room and I am able to do anything I need to without any distractions! (That probably explains why I write most of my blog posts and one in the morning).

I just enjoy sitting in the silence, reading a book, checking out blogs, or listening to music. It gives me time to reflect on my day and allow my mind to rest from all of the craziness that has been going on throughout the day. It does make me a little more tired they day after but it's totally worth it knowing that I was being productive and getting things done! Since I have been doing this for a couple weeks now, it's almost impossible for me to go to bed without getting a few things checked off my to-do list! (Yes, writing this post was in my to-do list! Check!)

I also find that I am sooooo productive late at night when I'm alone. I usually do all my homework, write my papers and even clean my room while everyone else is sleeping. I think I enjoy this time so much because there are no people around to distract me, I get wayy more things done in a shorter amount of time! I almost feel like I can sleep better knowing that I had gotten so much done before I had to go to bed.

My mom always says I should just get everything done right when I get home from school. But, by that point the last thing I want to do is more work! So, I take that time to watch TV, play on my phone and just relax. Then, at around 9 its time to get to work!

Anyone else enjoy being alone? It can't be just me!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tuesday's Top Five: Ice Cream Flavors

"I scream, you scream..." I bet anyone could finish that phrase! But, in case you can't "...we scream for ice cream!" is the rest! It's everyone's favorite dessert so, I figured I had to post about it in my blog! There's nothing better than a bowl of ice cream after a super hot day or a big bowl of ice cream and a chick-flick while trying to mend a broken heart. There are soooo many crazy flavors (Ben and Jerry's has over 35 flavors just by itself!!) Here are the top five:

1. Vanilla: I think anybody could've guessed that vanilla would be number one! You can never go wrong with a classic ice cream flavor like vanilla!

2. Chocolate: Again, not a total shocker about chocolate being number two! Another classic flavor, you can never go wrong with the classics.

3. Butter Pecan: I'm sorry, what? Butter pecan?! How is that even possible? I've never tried butter pecan but apparently it's a good one if it's number three on the top five ice cream flavors! It may be popular but I can honestly say that I don't think I'm gonna try that one.

4. Strawberry: Another classic flavor. Sometimes I really just crave strawberry ice cream, which is weird because I don't even like strawberries! I really thought this would be number three over butter pecan (still can't get over the fact that it's number three).

5. Neapolitan: I honestly don't even know what flavor this is, what it looks like or even how to pronounce it! But, it did make it to the top five flavors do I will probably have to try this one sometime!

Have a favorite ice cream flavor not listed here? I would love to try some new ones!

Relationships and Nail Polish

Most people would agree with the idea that friendship is a two way street. Equal amounts of give and take. Although some of my friends certainly are this way there are without a doubt some that are not equal in their amount of give and take. I definitely still love these people and cherish the relationships but some times it becomes too much to handle so I have to take a little break from the relationship, which breaks my heart but I know we will be closer because of it.

This is going to sound like a random question but I promise it will make sense in one second. Have you ever painted your nails and one hand always comes out better than the other? (If you're a righty, chances are your left hand comes out better and vice versa for all of the lefty's out there). This is how I view some of my friendships. Me, being the right hand doing the decent painting, is able to take the time and make the nails on the left hand look beautiful and clean. Meanwhile, the left hand looks beautiful and all it is able to do in return for the right hand is get paint all over the fingers and just make a complete mess. The right hand puts in the effort to make the left hand look beautiful, but the left hand isn't able to return the favor.

I know that might sound crazy but that is the best description I could use to possibly explain how these certain relationships work. I feel like I'm constantly putting in so much effort and getting close to nothing in return, and it can get to you after a while. Don't get me wrong, I love doing things for people and making them happy, it's one of my favorite things! It's just frustrating getting nothing in return.

Any advice on friendships or relationships in general? I'm open for some insight!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

More With Chalk Paint!

So, if you read my other post about chalk paint you already know how much I love the stuff! If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you go give it a quick look-see! Anyway, my last post was about the awesome picture frames I made. After I made them as decoration for my room, I realized I wanted more things with the same kind of design! So, I decided to paint some shelves to try and match my frames! Here's what I got out of it!

These were so fun and so easy to make! The paint really makes a huge difference! They were originally green with purple splatter so I decided to try and cover that up with the lighter gray, like I had previously done with my frames! 

After I did the first layer of light gray, I dry brushed the dark gray on top of the lighter. (the way you do dry brush is pretty much explained in the name! Take a dry brush, put a little bit of paint on it and rub it on). It's so simple but you still end up with an amazing product that looks brand new! 

The paint is supposed to make them look a little worn, some people don't really like the look, but personally, I'm obsessed! Hopefully I'll put them up soon and be able to share them with everyone! In the mean time feel free to share any fun DIY tips!