Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"I'm Fine"

Sometimes I think I can be read like a book. Then there are other times when I put up a wall and don't allow anyone to notice that I am destroyed on the inside. This seems to be a common problem in teens today, and especially girls. Why do we find it so difficult to just let someone in and tell them how we are feeling? I feel like life might be so much easier to get through if we were able to let other people in and share our feelings. 

Whenever someone rarely does see behind my wall and ask me what is wrong I always answer with the typical response of "I'm fine" which is obviously a complete and total lie! I believe one of the reasons we put up those walls is to see who would be able to see past that wall and help you breakthrough whatever is holding you back; we just want to know who is truly there for us and willing to take the time to show they care for us.

Finding that person may take a lifetime and that person may not stay that person throughout your whole life. Someone I greatly admire once told me that the relationships you have with each person throughout your life can be viewed as chapters; similar to those in a book. Who ever is able to see through your cover at that time in your life, you may be in their chapter of your life. Chances are you spend most of your time with them and because of that, they know how you act, the things that bother you and how things affect you. 

Have you been lucky enough to find that person? I really hope so.

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