Monday, November 10, 2014

Oh Honey and American Authors

At the beginning of the summer, one of my closest friends and I went to the coolest concert ever! The venue was absolutely amazing...and the bands were pretty great too! We went to the concert so we could see The Fray but ended up loooooving the opening band, Oh Honey! They were so fun and their music was awesome!

A few months later, while we were on vacation, we saw that Oh Honey would being going on tour again, but this time, with American Authors. We didn't know many songs by American Authors but once we got their CD we were instantly hooked! We were so excited to go to the concert and we were even supposed to meet Oh Honey!! But, we didn't realize till it was too late that the time was changed!

We were so bummed but we were still so excited to see them perform! They were the first band to perform and ket me tell you, it was AWESOME! They were so great, even better than the first time! I can't wait to see them again in the future!

As I had said before, we didn't really know of American Authors until we got the tickets and the CD. Let me just tell you that they pretty much blew our minds. Their performance was absolutely amazing and I couldn't believe how crazy good the lead singer was (he was pretty cute too), he deserves an award or something.

I definitely recommend looking up Oh Honey and American Authors, two amazing bands! I hope you enjoy :)

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