Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy Mind, Happy Heart

Whenever I'm driving and someone cuts me off or doesn't let me into their lane, I always find myself getting mad and upset with the person, which isn't really fair to them! A couple of months ago this scenario was discussed in one of my classes. Most people had the same opinion, that it was okay to get made because the other driver had done something to you that was wrong and you have a right to be mad. Then, the teacher gave us his point of view on the topic.

He started off by asking a simple series of questions: "Why do you think that other driver cut you off? Did they do it just because they felt like they should ruin your day? Will you ever really know why they cut you off? Do you really care anymore?" These questions really got everyone thinking. I know that I have been cut off before while driving but do I really remember the specific days and places that it had happened? No!

I might have been having a bad day that day, but I would have no way of knowing what the other person could've been going through on that day! Maybe they were speeding and cutting people off because they had to make it to the hospital to vista their sick parent before it was too late? Or, their child was sick at school and had to rush to pick them up! You really never know!

After my mind was opened to these possibilities I quickly realized that I really didn't have a right to get mad at this person, they didn't hurt me in anyway and their day could be soooo much worse than mine! If you let these little things ruin your day you will never truly be happy, let it roll of your shoulder and move on!

Next time someone does something to upset you I challenge you to try and think about the possibilities of why they are doing this to you and try to give them forgiveness!

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