Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday's Top 5: Healthy Snacks

One of the big issues in the United States is obesity and trying to get people to eat healthy and be fit. I know this is a lot easier said than done but changing one unhealthy snack a day for a healthier one can make a difference! That is why this Tuesday's top five is healthy snacks!

1. Fruits- This one seems kind of obvious and honestly it's not one of my favorite foods. Whenever I am hungry I crave something salty and crunchy (obviously nothing in the fruit category) but, after dinner when I want something sweet, grapes are always the fruit I turn too! They're so sweet and I love the little snap after you bite into one.

2. Veggies- Like I said before, I usually crave something salty with a little crunch most of the time. It's okay to have the unhealthy stuff every once and a while but if it wasn't one of those days I would go for raw baby carrots with ranch dressing...so good!

3. Nuts- There are so many different kinds of nuts, I'm sure if you tried a couple of different kinds you would surely find one that you liked! These go really well in trail mixes with dried fruit and a little bit of chocolate...yum!

4. Popcorn- This is my most favorite snack! Obviously when I say popcorn I don't mean the stuff you get at the movie drenched in butter and salt, although that stuff is amazing. Try the 100 calorie mini popcorn bags, they're a small amount of calories and they'll be just enough to hold you over until your next meal!

5. Smoothie- Not a fan of raw fruits and vegetables? Try making a smoothie with a couple of fruits or vegetables in it, you will enjoy them way more and will have more of your daily servings of fruits and vegetables in a shorter amount of time!

Do you have any healthy snack ideas?

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