Thursday, November 13, 2014

Say What's On Your Mind

It is wayy easier said then done but nothing will ever be resolved if you can't say whats on your mind! There have been a crazy number of events where I missed my opportunity to say what was on my mind and I always regret it! Within the past year or so I realized that if I didn't speak my mind I would be miserable, which I had been for some time! Here are some tips that can help you speak your mind and get your point across.

1. Be Honest: It is okay to have different views or beliefs that are different than other people! Along with that its okay that you voice those differences and opinions! If you do voice your opinion and you get negative feedback, you're not wrong, you're just being misunderstood. Try explaining your thoughts in a way everyone can understand!

2. See Others Points Of View: You may be very strong in your opinions and I guarantee you that everyone else is as well. Because of that you have to keep their opinions in mind and try not to be defensive. You have to be understanding to other people's views and they when they see you trying to be understanding, they will be too!

3. Don't Be Afraid To Say What You Want: Whenever my brother and I would stay at our aunts house she would always give us choices of what we could do and we would always say we would do anything! She would always get frustrated because we couldn't make decisions on our own! I realized it was because we were afraid of disagreeing with the other person. If we both were able to voice or opinions, whether they were the same or different, we could've come up with a solution and both would've been happy! Such an important lesson.

Next time you're asked your opinion on a topic or idea, I challenge you to say what's on your mind! 

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