Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mason Jars!

Everybody loves a good Mason Jar! Recently my best friend left for college and I had a couple Mason Jars just collecting dust in my room so I decided to make her a gift for her dorm room. They were super easy to make! I just used regular paint you would use to paint ceramics and painted the jar!

We did the white layer first, covering the entire jar. Then, on each one we put stripes in three different colors on each jar, just making them look a little more fun! She now uses them to hold pens, pencils and pretty much anything they can hold!

I'm currently re-doing my room and I had to figure out a way to paint the endues of the walls without having to keep getting off and on the ladder to get paint for my brush! You guessed it, I used a Mason Jar! It was so perfect! They are so easy to carry and fit right in my hand. They also held enough paint that I only had to refill the jar once while painting my entire room! BONUS: the paint stained the inside of the jar so now I have a Mason Jar already decorated to use as decoration for my room! I can't wait to put stuff in it!

Have any fun Mason Jar ideas? Please share!

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