Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's The Little Things

I always say that I want one day that stands out from all of the rest simply because it was amazing. It sounds crazy but I really think about that all of the time. But then today I realized that it really is the little things that matter! I had a presentation in my english class this morning, I worked so hard on my project and I was a little nervous. After I finished I was so relieved and everyone clapped (they had to do that) as I walked back to my seat and the next girl went up to present her project.

On my way out of class a girl stopped to tell me how great she thought my presentation was. I was honestly shocked! The fact that she took two seconds out of her day to compliment my work meant the world to me! I was so happy the whole rest of the day! Her small act of kindness may not have made today the best day ever but it made it so much brighter and I am so grateful!

This past year most of my closest friends had went away to school and I chose to stay home for a few more years. It has honestly been a struggle because I feel like I have lost contact with some of them. Today, one of them reached out to me and just sent me a simple text. That's all I have wanted out of them since they had left! Just a little message saying they missed me and today I had received that! That text made today so much better also!

Whenever you get the chance to make someone's day just a little happier don't hesitate! You never know when someone's in the need for a little pick-me-up!

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