Sunday, November 2, 2014

I Believe We'll Be Okay

There are things that go on in the world around us that cause us to lose faith in the people that share the world with us. For example, terrorist attacks, school shootings, and really, any form of violence. When these things happen there is almost a numbness that comes over the victims and those closest to them and it can hang around for as long as you allow it to. That's when we have to learn how to accept the awful things that happen in the world and try to live life despite these things.

I know it is easier said than done but when tragedy strikes we have to try and remember the fun and beautiful things that surround us. Whether it's the memories of the ones we have lost or even the fact that you have become so much stronger as an individual because of what you have suffered through, you are stronger.

People forget how amazing life can be. Whenever I hear people say that they have nothing to live for or there's no reason to go on I can't help but wonder if they realize that being alive another day  should be enough of a miracle to keep moving on.

When in doubt remember that every day is a gift and should be cherished!

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