Thursday, October 30, 2014

Costumes of Halloween's Past

I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween. I do love scary movies and haunted houses and candy and dressing up...okay, maybe I like it a little bit. But that's not the point, my favorite part is the dressing up! My best friend and I used to get together every Halloween and come up with some pretty awesome costumes, I wish I had pictures of them! I do have to say, my mom did a pretty good job at picking out costumes for me!

First Halloween: Angel! Sort of typical, but so cute!

Third Halloween: Jester! I think this one is my favorite, I wish I still had that costume! I told you I loved my candy!

Fifth Halloween: The only thing I can not stand about Halloween is clowns, and here's a picture of me as a kid dressed up as a clown! 

Seventh Halloween: I'm honestly not sure what this is. Fairy witch princess? Seriously, no idea, but I can tell you I probably thought that I was hot stuff. So embarrassing!

Since I'm older I wait till the last minute for costumes so I just throw some paint on card board and come up with something! Any fun ideas for Halloween costumes? 

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