Saturday, October 18, 2014

First There was a Scrapbook, Now There is a Smash Book!

I am a huge fan of scrapbooking! I love being able to look back in one place and see all the amazing memories I have made. My scrapbooks are all filled with pictures, and I love that, but what about the concert tickets, friendship bracelets from fourth grade and letters from Grandpa? That's what the smash book is for! You're supposed ti fill it up with all of the 3-D things you have that you wouldn't normally put in a scrapbook! It's so fun and easy but there are a few things you could do in order to make your smash book as fun and exciting as possible!

1. Pack Your Pages: Don't be afraid to put things from all different times on one page! You can make the pages themed or just throw stuff on and see what sticks! (Not literally) The more stuff on each page, the more exciting and interesting your book will be.

2. Everything is Smash Book-able: If it's of a decent size and has a memory behind it, chances are it belongs in your smash book! Whenever I go to Disney, I always get my hair wrapped...after I cut them out of my hair, I put them in my smash book! A little weird, but now when I look through my book I see it on one of the pages and I can reminisce on my trip!

3. Label, Label, Label: When I first started my smash book I would put things in there, not write what they're from and forget why they are even in my book in the first place. Now, every time I add something to my book I write a little bit about each thing so I can remember!

4. Share: I looove showing off my smash book! It's such a great conversation starter and a fun way to talk about all the happy memories you have.

Have a smash book and care to share? I would love to see what your smashing pages look like!


  1. waaaaaw! I love this customized books/planners. Great blog :-) Moni .

    1. Thank you! They're so fun, you can find ones like this at Michael's, highly recommended! :)