Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Bucket List

We have all seen the movie where the girl has a secret bucket list and then out of nowhere the boy finds it and makes all of her dreams come true. A love story every girl dreams of! So, why not give it a little kick start? Bucket lists are so much fun to make, especially with a friend! Here's an example of one I made during my senior year of high school. 

Some of the things I put on my list would be skydiving, meeting a celebrity and even hugging a penguin. Yes, some of the adventures I have on there are dumb, but how fun would they be?! The best part of a bucket list is that you can put anything on it! Thats the easy part, the fun part is where you get to do the crazy things and cross them off your list. I love making to-do lists so I can remember to get everything done that needs to be taken care of, think of your bucket list as your life's to-do list! Here are a few bucket list making tips:

1. Get out of your comfort zone: The whole point of a bucket list is to try and accomplish things you never imagined yourself doing! So make sure you put things that would help you challenge yourself.
2. Be realistic: If you know you're never going to go skydiving then don't put it on your list. When you look at your bucket list you want to be able to cross everything off, if you add things you don't actually want to do you won't be able to accomplish it and cross it off!
3. Document your success: Half the fun of completing things on your bucket list is to being able to show it off to everyone else! Take plenty of pictures.
4. Have fun!: This is the most important rule, you'll be wasting your time doing these crazy awesome things if you're not enjoying every second of it. Be sure to make the things on your bucket list activities you will look forward to doing and reminisce on for years to come! 

When I was in middle school my friend and I made bucket lists. They were so embarrassing, I could not post it on my blog! Most of the things on my list were so unrealistic and unattainable; I'm not sure how they ever made it onto my list in the first place! When comparing my two lists it was amazing seeing how my goals had changed in just four short years. Its crazy to think how drastically my bucket list and goals could change again in just four more short years!

So, when you get a chance, write out your own bucket list, find your prince charming and let him make your dreams come true! Sometimes they need a little guidance ;)

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