Sunday, October 19, 2014

Chalk Paint!

My aunt recently gave me the coolest paint ever, it's called chalk paint! I have no idea what makes it different but it leaves a really cool look on whatever surface you paint it onto. I used two different colors on my black picture frames: White and Light Grey.

I'm re-doing my room and I have always been obsessed with pictures and picture frames. I had some old black boring picture frames that would've been cool but I decided that I wanted to spice things up a little!


I did a super thin layer of the white paint first because I didn't want the black to show through the grey too much. Then, on top of the thin layer of white I lightly put the grey on top! It made it look a little worn and rustic, you could say I am in love!


I love being able to re-use the things that I have already bought instead of having to buy all new things! It saves me money, which I also love. The best part is that you really don't need a lot of paint in order to cover your furniture. I covered over twelve picture frames and I only had to use the extra paint that stuck to the top of the lid. It may be a little pricey but it definitely lasts a long time!

There are so many different colors that will help transform any type of furniture that you are looking to make seem brand new! If you have any furniture that you are looking to re-do you can go onto Pinterest and just type in what you're looking for, I guarantee you you'll be able to find something amazing and you can use the chalk paint!

Here is a link to purchase the chalk paint(including information and a tutorial):

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