Thursday, October 16, 2014

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

We hear our parents say this worn out phrase anytime we ask them for help. But, have you ever stopped to really think about it? Think about what you now know about high school after you have graduated or what you know about Ap's or SAT's after you have taken them. Would you have attended every gym class or even every regular class for that matter? Would you have taken the SAT three times if you knew that 60 points higher wouldn't really make that big of a difference?  The answer is probably yes because when you were at that point in your life you weren't sure if skipping class was "okay" to do every once and a while or if you would get accepted to your dream school if you didn't get those 60 points! Looking back on my high school career, there are plenty of things I would do differently if I knew then what I know now. Here's just a few!

1. Don't Be Afraid to Bum It: When I was in high school I would always wake up super early to try and pick out a nice outfit, do my hair and put on makeup. This was such a waste of time. I had spent the last 8 or so years with these people and they couldn't care less what I looked like at school. I wish I would've slept later and cared less about my appearance.

2. Make Memories Not Enemies: Recently I had a falling out with one of my close friends but there is not one memory we made together that I regret! We had some great times throughout high school and just because we went our separate ways doesn't mean I won't enjoy looking back on those memories; they were the reasons I enjoyed high school!

3. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: I used to freak out every time I forgot to do my homework or failed a quiz. Now I realize how small those things were in the big picture! I would still get into college, my parents would still love me and my teacher would be more than understanding. No need to lose sleep over those tiny details.

4. AVOID DRAMA: *Most Important* I guarantee you that the second you throw your cap into the air on graduation day nobody is going to remember, or care about, the time Rachel was caught texting her best friends boyfriend. As soon as you sense drama back away, it can only hurt you! You don't want to be stuck in the middle of it, trust me.

One of my absolute favorite memories from high school. A night out mini golfing with two of my best friends, they have definitely taught me lessons that I will never forget. 

Have any advice for college girls like me? Feel free to share!

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