Saturday, October 25, 2014

More With Chalk Paint!

So, if you read my other post about chalk paint you already know how much I love the stuff! If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you go give it a quick look-see! Anyway, my last post was about the awesome picture frames I made. After I made them as decoration for my room, I realized I wanted more things with the same kind of design! So, I decided to paint some shelves to try and match my frames! Here's what I got out of it!

These were so fun and so easy to make! The paint really makes a huge difference! They were originally green with purple splatter so I decided to try and cover that up with the lighter gray, like I had previously done with my frames! 

After I did the first layer of light gray, I dry brushed the dark gray on top of the lighter. (the way you do dry brush is pretty much explained in the name! Take a dry brush, put a little bit of paint on it and rub it on). It's so simple but you still end up with an amazing product that looks brand new! 

The paint is supposed to make them look a little worn, some people don't really like the look, but personally, I'm obsessed! Hopefully I'll put them up soon and be able to share them with everyone! In the mean time feel free to share any fun DIY tips! 

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