Friday, October 24, 2014

Until Next Time...

When you look up the word goodbye in a dictionary you will find something along the lines of this: a concluding remark or gesture at parting. How depressing does that sound?! To me, the word parting just makes it sound so sad. When I hear the word parting it makes me think of two people saying goodbye to each other only to never see each other again. That, is honestly one of my worst fears; saying goodbye to someone, only meaning until next time, and then never seeing them again.

After one of my close friends had passed away I realized how short life could be and I quickly regret not letting him know how much he was loved and appreciated. It scares me to think to think that whenever I have to say goodbye to someone it could possibly be the last time I ever speak to them. That is why I don't usually say goodbye to people when I'm leaving them.

Whenever I am leaving a friends house or even my house I usually say "peace out'. It's a way to say goodbye without actually having to say the word goodbye! Plus it's way more fun!

The only good thing about saying goodbye is being able to say hello again! But, what happens if saying goodbye to someone for now, really is the last time you get to say goodbye for good? Personally, I believe that there never really is ever a time when you will speak to someone for the last time, which is comforting. When the day comes, you will have the opportunity to speak with the ones you love again!

Next time you're leaving someone, don't say goodbye! Say something like "peace out" or "until next time" because here will always be a next time!

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