Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Better Than The Original?

Have you ever heard the phrase: "If it ain't broke don't fix it"? I personally think the quote is completely valid and should be followed by everyone! Some things within our society have been "fixed" or changed and I think they were perfect the way they are! Here are examples of somethings that have been "fixed" and have raised some debate!

1. The Kindle: At first the Kindle seemed like a good idea but, personally, I'm not the biggest fan. To me, there is nothing better than opening up a book and reading it! There's something about seeing the cover of a book and reading the back that makes me feel excited to read it. I think that the Kindle takes away that excitement. Plus, so many newspaper and magazine companies are going out of business

2. Nickelodeon: Yes, you read that right! If you were a 90's baby you know exactly what I'm talking about! The shows that appear on Nick and Disney are ridiculous! Dog With A Blog? Really?! There wasn't anything wrong with the old shows but for some reason they were changed! I long for the nights where they play the 90's shows after midnight!

3. Music:  We have all heard the song "All Of Me", it's beautiful and an amazing song! Why did they feel the need to re-make it into a pop dance song. The song was meant to be a song you could slow dance to with the one you love-the perfect wedding song. Now, it has become a song that people can fist pump too (because apparently that's all were capable of doing now). The song was so beautiful to begin with, not sure why they felt the need to change it.

I'm not writing this post just to complain about how things are being ruined because people are changing the things we love, it's because it can so easily be relatable to people's lives. Moral of the story: If something is working out for you and everyone else, why change it? Most people don't like change. SO, if you do change something people already love, chances are they won't be to happy with the the "fixed" product; if things in your life are going great, leave them be!

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