Sunday, November 30, 2014

Song Lyrics-Hunter Hayes

I remember when I was in elementary and middle school and I would always run to my mom crying because some girls were being mean to me. I thought it was the end of the world, but, my mom would always remind me that tomorrow is a new day and that they say won't matter tomorrow. I found this so hard to believe at my young age and never thought she understood; moms don't get bullied!

I recently became obsessed with Hunter Hayes, his songs are so fun, yet packed with so much meaning! My favorite right now is Invisible. He sings about how sometimes people feel lost in the crowd and invisible to everyone else and then continues to say how thats not the case, and that there are so many people surrounding you that love you.

"Trust the one, who's been where you are wishing all it was, was sticks and stones. Those words cut deep but they don't mean you're all alone and you're not invisible."

After hearing these lyrics I quickly remembered all of those times I would go to my mom for help and feel like she didn't understand. Now I am able to realize that she really had known what I was going through all along! She was once my age, going through the same things I am going through, and I was just too young to see that. 

We're so blessed to be surrounded by people who love and want to help us, it's sad to think that sometimes we dismiss their advice simply because we feel like they could never imagine what we're going through. Now I know that people may have gone through the same struggles I have had, and all they want to do is help!

Have you been helped by someone or tried helping someone but felt that you they just weren't understanding? 

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