Sunday, December 7, 2014

How To Beat Those Finals Blues

As a first time college student, finals have pretty much blown me away! I had always heard from my older friends that finals week was rough, but I never could've imagined that it would be this difficult. I don't think it's the actual tests or papers that worry me, but the week leading up to all of this stuff is what really stresses me out! Here are some things I have been doing that have been helping me get through these few weeks.

1. Baby Steps: I'm in a communications class and my final is a four to five minute speech...I have been dreading it since the first day. My teacher finally gave us the assignment and boy was it overwhelming! I decided to break it up into a few steps and set myself mini due dates! I couldn't believe how helpful it was. I was able to finish my project and now I'm all ready for my speech, with plenty of time to practice!

2. Plan Ahead: I just started a new job, the week before finals...I couldn't even tell you how much that stressed me out! I am supposed to be studying and focusing on my classes but instead I have to go to work every night. Since I knew that this was coming, I decided to try and get as much work done as possible for my finals before work started. Since I did that, I have more time to focus on the new things that come up with school.

3. Utilize Your Time: With my schedule this semester I have big gaps of time between classes. Whenever I have this time between classes or time between school and work, I am sure to use it to get work done for school! Then, while I'm at work, I don't have to constantly be stressing about all the work I have to get done when I get home.

4. Take A Deep Breath: I know finals are a huge deal but you have to remember to live a little and rest. If you're up until all hours of the night studying and writing papers, chances are that you're grades aren't going to be as good as they could be! Everybody needs a little time for themselves, don't forget to take time to relax.

How do you make it through finals week?

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