Monday, January 12, 2015


This week, believe it or not, I actually had two "anniversaries"! I never know what is actually considered an anniversary or not but I'll consider both of the anniversaries!

The first one I celebrated would be the one month anniversary of the restaurant I work at's opening! It may not seem huge to other people, but to the rest of the staff and I it was a huge accomplishment. We had a lot of bumps in the road leading up to this point but we had come together as a family and pushed through, it was so exciting! It's so empowering knowing that I helped open a restaurant. It's going to be so awesome when I'm able to look back in however many years and tell my grandkids that I helped open such a well known restaurant!

The second anniversary, unfortunately, wasn't such an exciting occasion. One year ago yesterday my grandpa had passed away. It was completely unexpected. I was dreading the one year anniversary because I feared all of the terrible memories from that day would come rushing back. My family and I actually ended up having a great day. We had a couple of people over for dinner, all people that loved my grandpa and we just talked about him all night. Funny stories and memories that we all had with him, it was exactly what we needed.

Sometimes I find that celebrating anniversaries or even little accomplishments that happen throughout life can make every day just a little bit brighter!

Have you had any small victories that had made your life a little brighter?

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