Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics!

Other than watching Netflix, my absolute favorite thing to do is to listen to music! There's something about finding one song and listening to it non-stop and finding something new every time you hear it. My two favorite groups are Fall Out Boy and The Fray. They both have two completely different sounds but I think thats what I love so much about them! 

The best part of every song is obviously the lyrics! There is nothing better than going through something in your life and then you hear a song come on that relates perfectly to the exact same situation you are in.

Whenever I'm bored or super stressed and just need to relax I always go through all of my favorite songs, pick out my favorite lyrics and write them down! In my English class my professor gave us these notebooks and told us to graffiti the front. So, naturally, I put song lyrics all over the front!

I just love the way this one turned out. The colors work together so well and all of the lyrics fit together perfectly! I actually have a notebook dedicated to just song lyrics. It's so therapeutic!

Next time you hear a song or a lyric that stands out to you, write it down! You never know when it may come in handy! 

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