Monday, January 5, 2015

Tuesday's Top 5: Amusement Parks

I don't know about you, but one of my absolute favorite things to do during the summer is go to amusement parks. I love roller coasters and pretty much any ride that makes me scream so loud I can't breathe (and trust me, I scream a lot...ask my friends). Even though I am absolutely terrified of these rides I find it so fun and enjoyable. It's lucky that my dad also loves roller coasters just as much as I do, we will ride pretty much anything. Here is a list of our top five favorite amusement parks (so far!)

1. Cedar Point: Probably THE best amusement park we have been too! The rides were absolutely insane! I went when I was younger so I wasn't able to go on one of the rides but you better believe I went on every single one I could! At the time this roller coaster was the second largest in the world. We had waited online for about three hours and just as we finally strapped into our seats, they shut the ride down and made us get back in line. After waiting what felt like forever, we got back on the ride. It was the craziest and most exciting ride I had ever been on.

2. Hershey Park: Let me tell you, this place is not only about the chocolate! The rides are awesome! They have three or four major roller coasters which are absolutely terrifying and amazing all at the same time. My favorites are the wooden roller coaster (The Cyclone) the one where your feet dangle (Great Bear) and finally, the one with the terrifying drop right in the beginning (Fahrenheit). Not only do they have amazing roller coasters they have fun rides for people that don't like roller coasters!

3. Six Flags Great Adventure: This amusement park is without a doubt the best out of all of the Six Flags. The amount of crazy amazing rides is insane. The most crazy ride being King Da Ka of course.  When I first went to this amusement park was with my school. I had no idea what this roller coaster was but I heard it was incredible, so I figured I had to try it. We arrived before the gates opened so my friend and I decided to run as fast as we could to get to the ride. I had no idea how huge the drop was! It. Was. Amazing.

4. The Boardwalk At Wildwood: I recently went to the Boardwalk with a couple of my friends, it was an amazing week. We had soooo much fun and believe it or not, the rides were pretty intense. There weren't many roller coasters but there were plenty of rides that could scare you just as well. The windy spiny rides were so fun and exciting, the view of the water and the beach while at the top of the log flume wasn't too bad either!

5. Busch Gardens in Virginia: My family and I recently took a trip to Virginia in order to see what kinds of rides Busch Gardens had. We got lucky and the day we went, the park was empty! It was a little rainy, but it could've been way worse. We got on every ride without having to wait. One ride I remember was the Griffon. We rode this one at least four times. It was so scary but gave you such a thrill, the ride lasted a long time which was so awesome. I'm really hoping we go back there soon!

Do you know of any fun amusement parks not listed here? I'm always looking for a good roller coaster!

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