Saturday, January 10, 2015

Here's The Story

Ever since I was little, I had always loved to write. I had books filled with poems and short stories, I didn't need people to read them, just the fact that I was able to write and be creative was enough for me! Now that I'm older I found the opportunity to write a blog. After I first set up my blog I wanted followers as soon as possible and as many as possible. Now I'm not to sure why I was so thirsty for followers.

When I was little, I was happy just writing because it was something I loved to do. Now, it just seems almost like a chore. I found myself saying "I have to write a blog post for tomorrow" "I have to go write so I can get followers" Now I'm starting to realize how silly that was! I go through and look at other blogs and I love reading the blogs that are just about people's lives. From now on, that's what I am going to be writing about in my blog.

Even if there isn't a lot of people reading my blog, I want to write about the little miracles that happen every day of my life, the funny moments I share with my friends and family and even the ups and downs of my every day life!

So, basically what I'm saying is, welcome to the life of Olivia...Here's The Story!

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  1. Love this!! So happy you've found your focus :) Looking forward to reading more!!